Business Start-Ups

Starting out in Business?

When starting a business you will have lots of questions, should you be a sole trader or Limited Company, how should you keep your books, how do you tell HMRC when you have started.

We are happy to provide you with free advice on all of the following areas:-

    • The difference between Sole Trader / Partnership and Limited Company
    • How to tell HMRC you are in Business
    • How to set up a Limited Company
    • The different options available to you to keep your bookkeeping records
    • How long you need to keep your paper work for
    • What can you claim for re expenses in your business
    • Can you claim start up costs
    • What does a sales invoice need to show on it
    • How to set up a payroll to pay staff
    • How do you pay yourself – the tax implications
    • The implications of being VAT registered – should you register- how do you register?
    • What happensĀ at Companies House
    • What sort of insurance do you need
    • If you are in the construction industry how do you register to be a contractor or sub contractor

And many more questions like these
Free advice to help you set up your business for Sole Traders, Partnerships and Limited Companies